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Rob Ford turned away from U.S.: Feds meet Ford at Chicago airport going to rehab

Rob Ford, Toronto mayor, turned away from U.S. after meeting with border and customs federal agents at Chicago airport. He was on his way to rehab in Chicago.
Rob Ford, Toronto mayor, turned away from U.S. after meeting with border and customs federal agents at Chicago airport. He was on his way to rehab in Chicago.
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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford made it into a U.S. airport last week but turned around and went home after he was stopped by border agents at the airport. He left Toronto on a plane that landed in Chicago, but he never got any further than the airport, according to NBC News on May 6.

After getting off the plane, Ford had a discussion with U.S. Customs and U.S. Border agents. Then he suddenly withdrew his request for entry into the U.S., departing the airport without so much as stepping a foot outside the terminal. This information was sent to NBC News via an email from Roy Norton, who is the Canadian Consulate General at Chicago.

Ford “voluntarily” withdrew his request for entry into the country and the feds would not comment on why he did this. The U.S. Customs and Border Protection did release a statement describing the numerous reasons that a non-U.S. citizen would not be allowed entry into the States, according to the

This statement included: “health-related grounds, criminality, security reasons, public charge, labor certification, illegal entrants and immigration violations, documentation requirements and miscellaneous grounds.”

It appears as if Ford would fall under at least one of the criteria categories listed above. This mayor has made himself a world-wide celebrity, but not in a good light. He took politics to a new level when he was caught on video smoking crack cocaine. He admitted to being in a “drunken stupor” and doing a stupid thing while under the influence of alcohol, which is how he explained smoking crack.

He basically acted as if he dismissed this incident, not as a drug problem, but as using bad judgment while he was drunk. Calls for his resignation were ignored and even when he was stripped of some of the powers belonging to the mayor of Toronto, he didn’t seem to waiver on his decision not to step down. He also continued to say he didn’t have a problem and blamed his drug use on a night of drinking.

Ford turned into the comic book character of a mayor when videos of him dancing in the council meetings were seen online and in the news. His defiance around leaving his position as mayor, along with his excuses for his drug use, has painted the perfect picture of a man in denial.

His admission to smoking the crack cocaine came only after Toronto Police recovered a copy of the video of him in action with the drug. He boldly launched his campaign to be re-elected as mayor of Toronto and has what appears to be delusions of grandeur around his popularity as a candidate for mayor, considering himself a shoe-in.

Then he took a leave of absence from his position as mayor and his campaign because once again he was caught in images partaking in drug use. The images were stills from a video of the Toronto mayor smoking a crack pipe while shaking his hand seemingly uncontrollably.

He released a statement after these latest images became public and once again, he doesn’t appear to think he has a problem with drugs. He just makes “choices” that aren’t very good for him while “under the influence.”

While this mayor is often seen as comical, it is actually very sad. He either talks a good game or he actually believes drugs aren’t his problem. It is all blamed on bad choices while consuming alcohol. Ford summing up his problem like this wouldn’t fly in any rehab.

Ford was headed for a substance abuse treatment facility in Chicago, but his plans changed quickly. He did get admitted to a rehab, but in an undisclosed location and not in the United States.

Ford’s lawyer, Dennis Morris, did confirm that the mayor has checked into a rehab, but he would not offer up any other information including the location or name of the facility. Ford’s brother wouldn’t elaborate on the mayor’s whereabouts either.

Doug Ford, who is the mayor's brother and also a Toronto lawyer, said to the press that if anyone is concerned about his brother being in rehab, the answer is “yes,” he is in a rehab today.

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