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Rob Ford’s dancing goes viral; hilarious reaction to Olympic hockey game (video)

Rob Ford was working on Thursday when the women’s Olympic hockey medal game was in action. The controversial Mayor of Toronto was doing his mayoral duties, just like the Toronto citizens pay him to do. However, everyone in America got a good chuckle out of the mayor bouncing around while watching the women’s Olympic hockey game. The rebounding off the floor was not the typical kind of reaction seen by a politician who was on the job. He was jumping up and down in such an intense manner. It was almost too much. Deadspin first reported the bouncing mayor on Thursday and people started checking out the absolutely hilarious video.

While the Mayor of Toronto has always been colorful during his time in office, this moment in time appears to make him seriously giddy. Offering a reason to celebrate, the women's Canadian team pounded America and picked up the gold medal after a score of 3-2 in overtime.

It might be possible that every mayor in Canada was jumping up and down for joy during the final seconds of the hockey game, but none of those elected folks were caught on camera. Perhaps that’s the downfall of being a mayor in such a big city. People want to keep an eye on government action and cameras are even used in the Toronto City Hall.

Take a look at the video clip of Rob Ford dancing after the Olympic win. It appears that is a two foot jump off the floor. Or maybe higher!

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