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Rob Ford receives death threat: 'You have 24 hours to vacate City Hall’

Isn't Rob Ford just the best? Sure, on the surface he's the culmination of everything awful that politics has come to represent. He's loud, boorish and completely unrepentant for his misdeeds. That said, though, the man who once said about his drug abuse, "You name it, I've abused it," is never short on colorful statements.

Toronto mayor (and international scoundrel) Rob Ford received a death threat today from a citizen whose only demand was, "Just quit already."
Photo by Brett Gundlock/Getty Images

Ford, like a lot of politicians, operates under the assumption that the general public isn't interested in facts so much as they're interested in claims. In other words, he can say he's reducing the city's debt and lowering taxes and all that good stuff - even if those claims are patently untrue - because he's relatively confident that no one will fact check him besides news reporters (and who reads those guys' drivel?).

It's a good thing for Ford that no one reads Canadian press, because that means when he says "I'm reducing Toronto's debt by more than $800 million over the next decade," no one is around to see when Globe and Mail writer Marcus Gee proves him 100% wrong using only math. Considering Ford's political acumen, it's understandable that average citizens would eventually get tired of his rampage.

Perhaps it's that mindset that caused one anonymous citizen to take matters into his own hands. On Monday, Aug. 11, Toronto mayor Rob Ford told reporters that he and his brother had only 12 hours to vacate their positions in the city government or else city hall would be blown sky high. Well, technically the bomber gave the duo a full 24 hours, but Rob didn't get to work until after noon, so ...

Anyway, at a press conference, Mayor Ford explained that his brother, City Councilman Doug Ford, received a threatening letter that claimed a series of explosives had been set up around city hall and that those explosives would be set off if Rob and Doug Ford didn't vacate the premises.

The potential bomber didn't mince words, writing, "IF YOU IGNORE THIS WARNING, CITY HALL WILL DISAPPEAR FROM THE MAP AND BELIEVE ME, I AM NOT JOKING." The final words in the note, "BOMBS ALREADY SET UP."

Police are in the process of investigating the threat and do not yet have a suspect. Whether they'll admit or not, the Toronto's National Post did point out: "Councillor Ford scrummed with the media several times this morning, but made no mention of any bomb threat." Maybe he just hadn't checked his email yet.

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