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Rob Ford every drug: Toronto Mayor admits to drug abuse, clean start post rehab

Rob Ford has confirmed he’s used “every drug” save for heroin, sharing the startling news in his first series of interviews after a rehab program. The Toronto mayor has also admitted to having a drinking problem and abusing both drugs and alcohol during his time in political office. However, Ford is ready to begin with a clean start as he returns to his mayoral post this week and is continually working to combat the “disease,” reveals the Huffington Post this Thursday, July 3, 2014.

Rob Ford admits to using every drug, mayor drug abuse problem
Photo by Brett Gundlock/Getty Images

Having stated that his drug and drinking abuse was the reason for his unprofessional behavior in office, the Rob Ford “every drug” admission begins to make sense. The Toronto mayor has acknowledged that ongoing substance abuse was the cause for his unethical comments and bizarre activity in recent months. Ford has been seen in a number of uploaded videos to be saying a myriad of questionable statements, ranging from racist messages to homophobic remarks. He is now taking responsibility for his actions, and is aiming to forge through this daily battle back in office, using what he has learned in rehab as support.

"I think that goes along with having this disease," said Ford. "(When using drugs), you do things, you say things that just aren't you. I take full responsibility.… All I can do is apologize and deal with this disease. This is an everyday battle that I'm going to have to deal with for the rest of my life. This is the beginning of a long, long journey."

In the new interviews, the Toronto mayor is asked how many different types of drugs he remembers using during his time of abuse. With the exception of heroin, Rob Ford says that he’s run “the gamut,” doing everything from an excess of alcohol and marijuana to crack.

"You name it, I pretty well covered it," said the political figure.

According to legal documents recovered by the CS Monitor, an in-depth investigation had been launched into discovering what the mayor of Toronto was doing that could possibly have led to his highly unprofessional antics. Before entering a rehab facility, Ford denied using heroin. However, a wiretap back from December 2013 revealed a gang member alleging to law enforcement authorities that he had private photos of the politician “doing the hezza,” which means heroin.

Although Ford has received massive backlash for video confirmations of his racial, sexist, and anti-gay remarks, some medical officials say that this criticism may be displaced. When using “every drug,” or even under the influence of certain types of illegal substances, people can speak things that they don’t necessarily mean. The President of the Ontario Psychological Assocation, Dr. Jane Storrie, revealed to a national news source that wrongful comments when under the influence does not prove the speaker believes those statements.

"Some researchers and clinicians think taking substances loosens the lips, and so you end up saying how you’re really feeling," Storrie told CBC. "But others believe substances can make you say things you don’t mean. A larger issue is whether being under the influence absolves someone of responsibility for their words and actions."

Rob Ford confirmed in April of 2014 that he was going to voluntarily go to a rehab center once a viral video made it to the Web allegedly showing the Toronto mayor smoking crack cocaine and partaking in other drugs. The video seemed to be the final nail in the coffin spurring the mayor to check himself in to get clean and have a fresh start, as numerous allegations claimed he had become a man habitually in a “drunken stupor.”

Just last year, Toronto city officials decided to restrict most of Ford’s legal powers due to his alleged drug problem and unprofessional conduct. Do you believe that his recent visit to rehab solved the Rob Ford “every drug” problem? Here’s to hoping that the summer of 2014 and beyond is a literal clean slate for the returning Mayor of Toronto.

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