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Rob Ford defends Justin Bieber: Toronto mayor defends Bieber against deportation

Rob Ford defends Justin Bieber? That's right; the mayor of Toronto is speaking out for the pop singer. Ford has defended Bieber following a recent arrest in Florida and getting charged with assault in Toronto for allegedly hitting a limo driver. According to a report from late Thursday (Jan. 30), the mayor was responding to a radio host in Washington, D.C. that had called the pop singer "Canada's worst export."

Toronto mayor Rob Ford is speaking up for fellow Canadian Justin Bieber.
Photo by Aaron Vincent Elkaim/Getty Images

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Ford used his age as an excuse, stating that, "Well, you know what, he’s a young guy. At 19 years old, I wish I was as successful as he was. He’s 19 years old, guys. Think back to when you were 19.” On the surface the support might be helpful, but there aren't that many celebrities that want to be associated with Ford at the moment. He recently admitted to smoking crack when he was drunk and is also being sued for allegedly orchestrating the jailhouse beating of his sister’s ex-boyfriend.

Having Rob Ford defend Justin Bieber isn't exactly something that is going to lend a lot of credit to the situation, but at least it is one person that is not a fan coming to his aid. Ford even noted during a recent interview that he has never met the pop singer and is not a fan of his music. Excusing his behavior might be a way to deflect from his own controversies or he might actually feel that the maturity level of a 19-year-old shouldn't be more than what Bieber exudes.

As for the short-term future of Bieber, he will have to appear in court on March 10 to deal with the Toronto assault charge. He will likely also have to head back to Miami Beach to deal with charges of resisting arrest and driving with an expired license.

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