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Rob Consalvo for mayor?


Well, yes and no.  Yes, he’d like to run for mayor some day, but now, not a  chance, “not”, in Consalvo’s words, “while Tom Menino continues to perform with the commitment and dedication he has shown since he became mayor.  All politicians are ambitious, it’s the nature of our work, we want to be able to do more.  Would I like to be mayor, yes absolutely, but my ambition right now is to get re-elected as city councilor for the 5th district.  I want to continue to serve.  And let me make it clear, if the opportunity came up for me to run for an office that would allow me to serve more people, I’d jump on it.  But running for mayor of Boston now is not that opportunity.  I think Mayor Menino has done a great a job and he continues to do a great job.  I support him 100 percent.” 

So how do you feel about Sam Yoon’s challenge to the Mayor?  “I like Sam, we get along very well on the council.  Don’t forget about Mike Flaherty.  Mike is my best friend on the council, but I told Sam and I told Mike, friendship aside, their political aspirations are their business.  It’s not personal.  I’m supporting the Mayor.  They both know that.”

Do you ever disagree with the Mayor?  “Yes, of course I do, but those disagreements are always respectful.  The Mayor and I always treat each other with the utmost respect.  He is that kind of person.  And in a way those disagreements are beside the point.  Mayor Menino wants what’s best for Boston and so do I.  The only disagreements we have are about how best to achieve that.”

At 39, Consalvo has plenty of time and for now his energy is spent in his office, not getting to the next one. 


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