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Rob and Amber Mariano baby: Adelina Rose joins Mariano family

Rob, Amber, and Adelina
Rob, Amber, and Adelina
Rob Mariano / Twitter

Rob and Amber Mariano welcomed a baby girl into the world on June 20. Adelina Rose has joined her three older sisters, Lucia Rose, 4½, Carina Rose, 3½, and Isabetta Rose, 2. The family of four certainly has Rob -- who previously won "Survivor" -- totally outnumbered. The 38-year-old, however, is just blessed that he has a healthy, happy family. The former reality star took to his Twitter account to share the exciting news.

"We are thrilled to announce Adelina Rose Mariano 12:51 a.m. June 20th, 2014. Mom and baby are doing great! #4for4," Rob tweeted along with the photo on the left. Rob also wrote: "Lucia Rose, Carina Rose, and Isabetta Rose are beyond excited to welcome their new sister Adelina Rose!" and shared a photo of his three girls looking in on their new baby sister.

Rob and Amber Mariano's baby announcement was made on New Year's Eve. According to People Magazine, Rob and Amber are simply over the moon. The couple met on Survivor and competed together on The Amazing Race. Their love took off faster than anything and the two were married in 2005. Since then, Rob and Amber have managed to stay out of the mainstream spotlight (even though Rob Mariano has gone back to Survivor a few times, and he finally won in 2011). They are tight-knit and very much dedicated to raising their children without the fuss of fame.

Rob and Amber are fan-favorites and everyone just loves them as a couple. It is unknown if the pair are thinking about having any more children, but Rob and Amber seem very content with life in general -- and that's a great thing.

Congratulate Rob and Amber Mariano on their new baby below.