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Roatan, Honduras: Part 1 of 2

Roatan, Honduras
Roatan, Honduras

Its been a long time since I have written an article and I do have a trip coming up in a few weeks to Roatan, Honduras; I wanted to share all the tips and research that we've done to date regarding our trip and follow up with an article actually highlighting our experience. Every year since living in Michigan (coming up on 4 years), we take off to a warm location in February for 7 days or so. Its a godsend in the winter!!! We decided on Roatan, Honduras for a few reasons: somewhere new that we've never been, its warm, inexpensive (so we've heard!) and the scuba/snorkeling is supposed to be amazing. Also, if you've watched the tv show "Temptation Island" it was filmed there all 3 seasons. In fact, we're staying at the Luna Resort which is where the participants stayed.

With that being said, airfares are probably the largest expense. Delta/NWA flies into Atlanta and then directly into Roatan - I believe our fares were close to $800 total; so that's not a bad way to go and deals happen every day. Once in Honduras, American dollars are accepted and there are ATMs everywhere. We are also being advised to take anti-malaria medication and bring bug spray containing DEET to ward off mosquitoes as well as "no see ums".

I am embarking on an adventure locally to prepare for this trip - Experience Scuba class! The US Scuba center in Rochester, MI offers a ton of different classes in an indoor pool. For $20 I can check out if I want to learn how to scuba dive as well as work on getting certified. My plan is that if I like it, complete the course and do my certification dives once in Honduras. Stay tuned for that!

I'll have an update in a couple of weeks when we return. Adios amigos....and stay warm!