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Roasted duck recipe - with crispy skin

roasted duck

During the holidays this year, I opted to cook something different other than the usual ham or turkey for our family dinner. Instead, I chose to roast duck. Because I had to feed eight people, I shopped around for the best price. In my shopping, I discovered that ducks do not come as large as turkeys, so I had to purchase two, weighing in at around 5 pounds each. And not every grocery store carries duck. I ended up calling three different places….Whole Foods, my local butcher, and Safeway Market. Each had a very different pricing scale. The best price was from Whole Foods, at $4.99 a pound. Sweet deal!

Never having roasted a duck before, I did some online research. During my hunt, I came across this wonderful site that showed exactly how to roast a duck, showing pictures for each step. It was great! So instead of trying to rewrite that, I just prefer to share the site with you. Just click here.

I also recommend following the sauce recipe on the site, or finding a sweet sauce recipe of your own. I opted to create an au jus sauce with mushrooms and scallions, but my family all agreed that a sweeter sauce would have been much better. Many recipes online for duck include a pomegranate sauce recipe, and probably for good reason.


  • 4-5 pound whole duck
  • kosher salt

Follow the cooking directions provided in the link above. Happy cooking!

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