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Roanoke College permanent art collection offers variety

Stockberger Exhibition photo taken by art gallery employee, unnamed.
Stockberger Exhibition photo taken by art gallery employee, unnamed.
Roanoke College at

Roanoke College, located in Salem, VA, is a private liberal arts four year institution. Nestled in the southwestern hills of Virginia, the college is small but beginning to make a name for itself in college rankings. Namely with a dedication to a classic education driven towards successful career driven individuals, but also for the staff’s, professor’s, and student’s passion for fine arts.

The Fine Arts department is home to student art galleries and studios, theatrical stages for plays and concerts, and the Olin Hall Gallery. Olin Hall Gallery, open daily from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., features exhibits from visiting and resident artists as well as showcasing work from the college’s permanent collection.

Olin Hall’s permanent collection contains works from 12 artists of various style, genre, and time period. Included are structural art which is stationed throughout the campus. Notably are “Solar Wind” located in the courtyard between the English Department and Alumni Gym, and “Reading Garden” setup across the street from Fintel Library.

“Solar Wind” was constructed by Alice Aycock as part of her “series entitled ‘A Theory of Universal Casuality.’” Aycock is an internationally renowned sculptor who began her solo work in 1977. She has exhibited her work in all of the major U.S. cities, as well as three international countries.

“Reading Garden” was acquired by RC in 1980, and the contributing sculptural artist is Siah Armajani. “Reading Garden” is one of Armajani’s first public displays, yet he has specifically created works for other colleges and museums within the United States.

George Solonevich’s pieces fit well in The Bank Building, center for religion/philosophy and political science classes, as he was a Russian dissident, anti-communist political writer. Through paintings of political leaders in this historical time, he captures his feelings and observations of the world.

Fintel Library’s second and third floor glasses cases around the stairwell house some delicate and beautiful Boehme Porcelain. RC’s limited edition pieces are part of a globally famous artwork that has been used as gifts by American leaders, and showcased in international landmarks.

For further exploration of Roanoke College’s Olin Hall Gallery visit,, and click “Permanent Collection” to read more about the exciting artwork RC owns.

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