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Roam the World with International SIM Cards


Cut down on the astronomical roaming fees using a mobile device abroad with the OneSimCard "Plus" International SIM Card.

This card works with most unlocked GSM or 3G cell phones. Included with this card is a European and USA phone number that affords international mobile roaming service with coverage in 200+ countries.

With this card one can receive free incoming calls in 135+ countries on over 325 roaming networks and free income text messages (SMS) worldwide. Outgoing calls start at $0.24/min (from only $0.02/min using their OneSim-VoIP app for iOS and Android devices) and outgoing SMS text messages for $0.15/text. Get data service (3G/GPRS) in 130+ countries from $0.20/MB.

Unlike some other international cars, there are no contracts, connection fees or monthly maintenance fees to keep the SIM card active. Simply use it within a 10 month period to keep one's balance intact. They offer a free 24/7 Global Concierge for help with reservations, translation, business services, roadside assistance, legal and emergency support. Also, users can earn “Mobile Miles” rewards points redeemable with our hotel and airline partners like Hilton, Marriott, Lufthansa and American Airlines.

Another global travel option is the WorldSIM International SIM Card. This SIM card has three uses so travelers can use this card one way or all three. First, it's a travel SIM that allows users to receive free incoming calls in over 90 countries including Europe, Australia, USA, Canada, South Africa and most of Asia. Second, one can make cheap international calls for just about 1p per minute. Finally, this is a pay as you go SIM with rates about a third of the cost of the leading mobile networks. You can get a US and UK number that remains operational as long as one uses the card is used within a 12 month period.