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Roadside Crosses


Third book in the techno-thriller trilogy by Jeffery Deaver

Jeffery Deaver returns to Kathryn Dance in his latest book Roadside Crosses. Kathryn's able to spot differences in body language, voice pitch, and qualifiers if someone lies much like the characters in Fox's TV show Lie to Me, however The Cold Moon, which first featured Kathryn, came out long before L2M debuted.

A roadside cross is found, only thing is it has tomorrow's date. After a girl is left in a trunk to drown in high tide, Dance is called in to investigate and stumbles upon a blog entitled The Chilton Report (for the book Deaver set up an actual blog of the same name, and urls throughout the book) where a post about roadside crosses starts innocently, but turns into a flame war against a boy named Travis Brigham. Dance tracks him down, and then he vanishes after an interview. A huge manhunt begins, there will be more crosses . . .

This is the last book in Deaver's Techno-thriller trilogy. The first two are The Blue Nowhere (one of the best books ever), and The Broken Window. In Crosses Deaver explores the world of blogs, social networking sites, and MMORPGs. His trademark twists are here with abundance.

Overall I found the book enjoyable, and if your a big internet junkie you must read it just for the little nuances he throws in for us in the know. Still I felt not his best.

Score: 7.5/10

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