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Roadkill on the agenda, and hopefully table, for one Texas state house candidate

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Roadkill might not only be on the platform for one Texas House of Representatives candidate, it might on also be on the plates of some of the states’ residents soon enough, according to a report today the Dallas Observer.

Tink Nathan, a 72-year-old Republican from just northwest of San Antonio in Kerr County, hopes to ride his agenda that includes allowing Texans to dine on tasty roadkill all the way to the state legislature.

Under current Texas laws, it’s illegal for anyone to pick up roadkill, let alone take it home and cook it, due in part to healthy and safety concerns and also to discourage drivers from using a car as a weapon to kill animals.

Nathan, on the other hand, thinks that roadkill should be fair game for residents to pick up and eat because otherwise these dead animals, and the meat that comes along with, would go to waste.

“That meat goes to waste,” Nathan told the San Antonio Express-News. “Why not utilize it?”

To be fair, other states –– Alaska, Montana, etc. –– have adopted such roadkill policies, and even PETA spoke up in support of allowing people to legally eat roadkill, in Texas no less, according to a 2002 report from the Austin American-Statesman discovered by the Dallas Observer.

Other values on Nathan’s platform, according to the candidate’s website, include being:

  • Pro-gun
  • Pro-family
  • Pro-border security
  • Pro-tax cuts
  • Pro-limited government
  • Pro-education
  • Pro-safe highways and bridges
  • Pro-affordable health care
  • Pro-economic development
  • Pro-works comp reform, and
  • Pro-tort reform.


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