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"RoadCheck 2010" Scheduled for June 8-10


The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) will once again conduct the annual safety inspection called "Roadcheck". Thousands of roadside DOT officers who patrol North America's highways will be inspecting commercial truck and bus motor carrier vehicles for 3 days around the clock. The CVSA wants to send a strong message to these drivers and thier employers: "Be accountable to yourself, your employer and those you are sharing the road with to help in making sure all of us get to our destinations safely." (1)

The word on the road is that the Georgia region is having a headstart and is getting hard on the drivers. Get your logs up to the minute, lines drawn down, equipment and paperwork all in order.  Of course, make sure load is properly secure.  Something as small as a crack on a windshield will cost you points, and they stay on your driver profile for 36 months.  It looks to me as if they are blaming the drivers for not doing pre- and post-trips to prevent accidents, but hey, what about the companies who don't fix the issues reported?  Be very strict with your 11 hour rule, and don't cheat!

   You can view the Hours-of-Service Regulations here.

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  (1) For more info visit the CVSA official website:  here


  • Karen 4 years ago

    Please excuse the formatting, Examiner can really use an updated program, it adds question marks for no reason!



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