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Road trip safety tips from Travelers – Road trip checklist for vehicles

Summer is the season for road trips, and the folks at Travelers Insurance want you to stay safe on the road this summer and all year long. Here are a few things to keep in mind when preparing your vehicle for your upcoming road trips this summer.

· Don’t overload your vehicle – your car can get filled quickly, spread out the load so that the weight is evenly distributed.

· Be a prepared parent – pack snacks, extra clothes, and entertaining items that will keep the kids in the back seat happy.

· Keep a clear view – when packing your vehicle, make sure you maintain a proper line of sight with your mirrors and windows.

· Ready the roof rack – know your rack’s safe load limit by checking the user’s manual, and recognize the increased height of your vehicle after packing to prevent damage or accidents.

· Know the route – familiarize yourself with the route before leaving for your trip – relying solely on the GPS can lead to dangerous last-minute turns and lane changes.

· Secure your pets – unsecured pets can become a distraction, so secure your pets appropriately and never let them run around in the vehicle.

· Cruise carefully – cruise control can be a helpful tool, but be careful when using it on long trips, as it can make it easier for drivers to lose focus on long roads.

· Take a break – when travelling long distances, it’s important to take frequent breaks to help maintain focus and avoid fatigue.

Learn about other ways to stay safe when traveling here, and find more information at

Information in this piece provided by Travelers.

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