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Road Trip

I have been on plenty of road trips and the toll that it can take on your body can be a big one. Well this time that I go to Chicago will be a different one, and I will tell you exactly why.

  1. Food

The key to your well being and ultimately your mental health.The one thing you have to look out for are processed foods, any kind of wrapped up granola or protein bar can be loaded with sugar. I believe the obvious answer to this dilemma is to buy fresh fruits and vegetables, like I have said before I have been on plenty of road trips and the ones I felt happiest on were the ones where I have brought the most healthy snacks.

2. Exercise

Now I have chose to drive for seven, almost eight hours. With saying that, technology has become so great that I have already chosen a place to run around and stretch out. Exercise is a big mental impact also, when reading about obesity I came upon the mentality of the obese. The doctors said once a daily routine of exercise was incorporated into their lives not only did these people begin to lose weight by the boat load, but they also became happier when the decisions they were making along with the new diet they were given.

3. Music

Playlists are a great commodity, the I-pod has changed the worlds look on the world of music and for me it is less commercials and more enjoyment into the world of great music. If you have a CD player in your car you can experiment while on the road. By this I mean if your music isn't doing it for you, most of the time a gas station on the road will have a selection of music that you just might not have. Splurging on something different can boost the morale of the entire trip. You can also learn a new language.

In conclusion the main focus is staying awake, keeping sane either with or without a friend or family member, and just having fun exploring this great world. Food, excercise, and good music are the greatest tools you will have on the road. If you think about it, all of the items that I have listed do with your mentality on the road, so just have fun out there and don't look at it as more hours of your life gone away, look as it as a vacation.

Wish me luck on mine,



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