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Road to victory for the University of Tennessee

Game Time
Game Time
Cindy Bolton

With 11,534 people in attendance, game one of this year’s NCAA men's basketball tournament started at the University of Dayton Arena, in Dayton Ohio. The second game of the night belonged to the University of Tennessee and Iowa State. The Tennessee Volunteers, coming into the tournament with a 21-12 season record and a heart breaking loss to number one ranked Florida during the SEC Championship tournament, and where matched up against Iowa State Hawkeyes, who came into the tournament with a 20-12 record. The Tennessee Volunteers were the predicted underdogs in this matchup.

Tennessee got a slow start with only 9 points in the first 9 minutes to Iowa’s 16. The shot percentage for the Tennessee Volunteers during the first half was low and the offensive rebounds were even lower. Tennessee’s shooting percent for the first half was 38% to Iowa’s 52%. The Volunteers 3pt shots were at 10% to Iowa’s 43%. Even with those low percentages Tennessee was able to close the gap and finished the first half with the score of 26-29.

The first half of the game was also very heavy in the foul department. Unfortunately the refereeing was poor on both sides of the court. Multiple fouls called that were not fouls and a number that should have been called but were not. No favoritism to either side, just plan poor.

The second half started off with Tennessee having possession and quickly lost the ball, but our rebounding was getting better and the foul count was getting higher. With 14 minutes left it was all tied up but only for a second when one of the Iowa players delivered an impressive slam dunk to once again take the lead.

With 10 minutes left the score was 44-47 Iowa. The Volunteers started to pick up the pass increasing their shooting percentage to 48% shots made and Iowa’s percent was down to 43%.

With 5 minutes left the Volunteers were still down 3 points. With 2 minutes left was a 1 point game back and forth. Iowa was up by 1 with 54 seconds, and then Tennessee was up by 1 with 25 seconds. Tennessee pulled ahead with 16 seconds left when Iowa makes 2. It’s all tied up. Game is going to overtime is the score of 64-64

Stokes made two and drew the foul. Tennessee is now up by 3. 3 minutes Tennessee was up by 5 with Iowa shooting at the line. Both teams were now shooting at 45% Iowa missed 1 and made 1. It’s a 4 point game. Now Tennessee is sent to the line. Misses the first, and makes the second. Then Tennessee got 2 shots on a technical and made them both, then 2 more, making both. Iowa continued to foul Tennessee in a desperate attempt to regain control of the game. Tennessee was now up by 11 with 1 minute to go. Tennessee goes to the line one more time. Makes the shot and is now up by 12 with thirty seconds left on the clock.

Final Score 78 – 65 University of Tennessee. Next stop Raleigh North Carolina.

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