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Road salt shortage:Public safety on the roads is in dire need of winter supplies

Municipalities are struggling to keep road salt in stock. The amount of snow that has fallen in many areas is depleting their supplies. Now many areas have declared a state of emergency due to the relentless snow that has fallen upon the ground icing the roadways like never before.

Take it slow on icy and snowy roads!
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According to the Boston Globe on Feb. 19 the state of Connecticut is requesting help from the federal government officials due to rock salt price gouging. The higher the demand the more suppliers and retailers are raising their prices making it harder for all city, county and state public works agency and transportation agencies to do their jobs without the product they need to aid in road hazard prevention.

Road salt is not in hot demand and hard to obtain. Massachusetts always has a large supply on hand and that too is running low. The state of New Jersey requested 40,000 tons of salt to be delivered since they have exhausted their supply. The roadways have been closed in many areas making it impossible for them to receive the much needed salt supply needed to treat their roads. Already there have been four, state of emergency alerts issued by the governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie.

Drive carefully if you must go out on roads that haven’t been treated with salt!

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