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Road food travel tips to add to your spring break ideas: cheap healthy meals

Intro: Want some road food travel tips to help you hash out your spring break ideas? Planning this sort of thing ahead will allow you to eat cheap, healthy meals on the road. This saves you money that you can use for more fun and interesting pursuits while you're on spring vacation.

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Traveling on a Budget: he Cost of Road Food and Your Wallet

Depending upon where your spring break ideas may take you, you may wind up spending a lot of money on food during your vacation. Food prices can jump or dip dramatically, depending on where you are in the country.

Know also that other expenses like the cost of gas and overnight lodging can affect your travel budget if you're driving to your destination. However, there are some practical things you can do to cut down on expenses and still eat healthy food on a budget.

Travel Food Ideas That Leave More Money in Your Pocket

One specific way you can maintain your goal of traveling on a budget is to look at the route you plan to drive. Ask yourself what kinds of places are there to stop and eat along your travel route?

If you want to find healthy food on a budget while you're on the road, one simple tool you can use is the "restaurant" finder with Just type "restaurant finder" in the search box. It'll take you to the restaurants in your area and along your travel route.

You know you can save money on road food by checking this on your SmartPhone as you travel. The site links you to the menus and prices of the restaurants along the way. Traveling on a budget is easy with this tool.

More Healthy Meals on a Budget ~ Travel Tips for Road Food

Of course, most road trips are marked by eating a bunch of treats in the car that we might never buy for ourselves at home. One of my favorite travel foods is Japanese rice crackers. I get them in bulk at the local Boise Winco.

The simple act of packing food along will cut your travel expenses down drastically. Just pack a cooler full of sandwiches and other snacks plus bottled water. If you buy water and snacks in bulk at places like Winco or Costco, you'll save quite a bit of money.

Need Some Ideas for Road Food and Travel Snacks? Try These…

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Watch the video at the top of the screen to get some ideas for healthy food on a budget while you're on the road. These are good tips for vegans and vegetarians, who sometimes have difficulty finding food they can eat on the long stretches of the highway.

Get some additional cheap spring break ideas here. You'll learn the best ways to save money on the road.

Buffy Naillon is the author of the best selling cookbook Clare's Chocolates Cookbook: Best Recipes for Cake and Cookie Pops, Fudge, Fondue, Cupcakes & More (available on Amazon)

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