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Road conversions work flat in Kearny Mesa

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Car drivers will squeeze in spaces on the Kearny Mesa roads near the 163 and 52 freeways for years to come. Plans to build a six lane primary arterial road on Kearny Villa Road, and 4 lane collector streets, have been cancelled since the 1985 work on the 52 freeway ended.

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The San Diego community crowded with cars and work trucks on its open driving roads, and loaded with auto and retail strips on its blocks, places worked jobs prop up the city's employment market, counts thousands more vehicles a day on its roads. But, the bridge over the 52 in and out never got rebuilt.

Work widening the 2 lane bridge raod to 4 lanes today is saved for a later day.

Traffic volume on blocks near the fastest freeway entries and corssings found in San Diego stays high. Locals who walk the outdoor blocks run into risky lines of busy traffic at every corner from Ruffin Road on the east to Ruffner Road on the west. North of the Clairemont Mesa Boulevard primary artery Caltrans will rebuild the onramp at Kearny Mesa Road, the employment blocks keep locals accustomed to stop and go traffic.

The hard work on rebuilding roads went into repairing the Kearny Villa Road entry path into the urban community. Work constructing a six lane primary artery that runs through the 52 intersection will wait. Tie ups on the new black top and concrete onthe intersection blocks force drivers to bear the traffic, and stay ready to waste time onthe road.
The traffic run west on Kearny Villa Road from the Ruffin Road corner, a repaved 3 lane road, closes in around the turn into the 2 lane road alongside the 163. Stopped short of fast.

West of the 163, the work habits are usual. The streets plain old roads. Only the new blacktop on the Convoy Terrace road between Convoy STreet and RUffner Road, four lanes wide, leaves locals an open driving range. RVs and MTS buses parked on the palmy business lots onthe northside do not stand near an unsafe narrow road. One block south, trucks park on the Convoy Court roadside. The two lane road used for local loading and storage takes in traffic off the wide Convoy STreet. Not pedestrians. Sidewalks planned for the community's street never gave local workers and residents a safe path to follow.

Workers keep coming into San DIego's employment center. The hold up on converting the paths to heavy traffic lines leaves drivers on the roads fewer route options than used inthe past. One more straight path through the north community, south of the 52, could free up travel lanes. Kearny Mesa community planners have not orgotten the old plan to build a 4 lane collector that runs Convoy Terrace through the landscape to a Kearny Mesa Road offstreet that ends in a dead end. No one has moved on the funding the project.

Another year of workers beating the regular traffic that runs through the community lined up with freeway crossings lays ahead.

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