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Road construction is everywhere, here are some of the road restrictions and construction for ODOT.

Road construction, closures, and restrictions.
Road construction, closures, and restrictions.
Jonathan Hayward

This article is to inform drivers of road restrictions and construction around the Columbus area which is being performed by ODOT.

This time of year it is hard enough to get around in the snow and ice, and when you add in the construction to the equation your trip could be longer and more frustrating than planned. It is always a good idea to know where these areas are at so you can plan your trip around them. If you know where they are you can either leave early, or plan a different route to your destination.

There are four planned or existing restrictions in the Columbus area at this time. They are as follows:

  1. The ramp from Dublin road to east bound 670 will be reduced to one lane. This construction will last until 6/30/2011.
  2. US 62 on the southwest side of town between Briggs and Clime to widen the road is scheduled to last until 9/30/2010. This area is currently using one lane in either direction.
  3. Various sections of 270 will be reduced to two lanes in both directions between US 62 and west broad street for paving repairs. This project started on 11/3/2009 but has halted because of weather, but will resume in the early spring. The projected end time for this project is 5/31/2010.
  4. Broad street in the downtown area between Parsons ave. and Jefferson ave. is running one lane in either direction between 9:00am and 4:00pm for bridge work. This project is expected to end on 5/31/2010.

None of these projects involve closures, but they do involve restricted lane travel, so keep that in mind if driving in those areas. If you need to travel through these areas remember it will take longer than usual to get to your destination in the morning for work and in the evening after work. So, consider this when traveling in these areas.

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