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RNC votes to ban NBC and CNN from hosting any of their 2016 Presidential debates

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Preibus
Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Preibus

Two weeks ago the Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Preibus threatened to ban both NBC and CNN if they follow through with their plans for a miniseries on Hillary Clinton and a documentary by CNN, respectively.

The RNC today followed through with their threat and have voted to ban NBC and CNN from hosting any of the 2016 GOP Presidential debates.

Chairman Reince Preibus in a recent interview said the ban would extend to any media outlet from hosting any GOP Presidential debate if they show films or documentaries of Hillary Clinton.

Since Preibus made his threat about the miniseries by NBC and the Documentary by CNN, Fox announced that they want to produce the miniseries and they're currently in discussions with NBC. The miniseries will star Diane Lane.

When asked about this Preibus said he had not heard about Fox's involvement, but said his threat applies to any media outlets that do any films on Hillary Clinton. This revelation to Preibus that Fox may produce and distribute the miniseries was 6 days ago, the vote the RNC held today made no mention of Fox, nor will it ever, as Fox is an extension of the Republican propaganda machine.

The miniseries has not yet been written and the documentary by CNN is planned to air sometime in 2014

Chairman Reince Preibus and the Republican Party are so scared of Hillary Clinton who has not even made an announcement that she will run for President in an election that is still 3 years away, shows just how worried they are of their own 2016 Presidential candidates and feel a need to shield them from any real media outlets.

This will certainly come back and bite the GOP for making the decision to keep voters from hearing the candidates that will be running to represent the Republican Party for President of the United States.

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