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Rkind’s Spliff ‘Earth without art is eh’

“It is a calling, and I only wish to make people feel as good as I do about music,” said Spliff of Orlando band Rkind about why he writes music. “Remember, Earth without art is eh. When music began to make me cry happy tears, I wanted to give that experience to someone listening to me.”

Some live shots of Orlando band Rkind
Some live shots of Orlando band Rkind
Kat Coffin
Orlando band Rkind
courtesy of Rkind

“Music is how my soul talks and I am a soul in a body,” said Spliff. “I was raised with music. My mom was a teen when I was born, so yeah I was all up in AC/DC, The Eagles, Rush, Black Sabbath and more. Any chance I got to play music I did. If I saw a guitar I was picking it up and playing with it. I played any instrument I could get my hands on. I excelled in music and chorus. I got an A+ in college level music theory.”

Those bands were just the start of a life-long interest in music for the guitarist/songwriter. His influences range from classic rock and metal from Van Halen to Dimebag Darrell. He cites Carlos Santana as the reason he picked guitar. He also follows country music, classical music and rap music.

As far as what inspires his music, it is all the music he hears. “I always have had a fascination with music. I express myself to the max. It makes me feel good. We do what makes us feel good on Earth. I have listened to hundreds, if not thousands of hours of music. When I delivered pizza for five years, all I did was listen to music because of all the time I had. Someone would be like, listen to this and I would. I would listen to anything. I love music. Guitar is just the instrument I love most. I would cry if the music touched me, and I remember saying, wow I want to make people feel this good too. And I have. I love making people cry happy tears.”

Rkind’s rock music has a classic feel running through the music. This description from Spliff of the band’s music might reveal a little about where that feel comes from. “People have had enough rap and metal being negative. It’s time to shine light. Remember how awesome the 60’s and 70’s were? I feel like in the 80’s and 90’s people became angry and needed aggressive music like metal and rap to express their anger. Well now we are happy peeps again and would like to bring back that good vibing rock again.”

“The ones that listen will be happy, and that’s what matters,” said Spliff when talking more about Rkind’s music. “Our music will help make Earth a better place. When we finally transition from hate to love, Rkind will be in front along with Imagine Dragons etc., that new spiritual kind of music. Good vibes baby! I see it like this; when fans of Rkind speak to us, I see them being very thankful. I see them thanking us because of how they connect with the lyrics and how they groove with the music. I’m not trying to be cool, just happy and music makes me happy.”

“Rings of Saturn” is Spliff’s favorite Rkind song to play live. “It is a great rocking song, with great lyrics and awesome rhythm. It is our most requested song and people love it. I see people singing along every time we play where we play it regularly. I love the build up to my solo, and than Joe says GUITAR and BAM I explode with my solo, and people cheer during and after and I love it. It’s all about making others happy. I am here to serve.”

Rkind, Joseph Weinsteiger (vocals, rhythm guitar), Spliff (lead guitar) and new drummer Daniel Cooke, is at work on their first album. Music fans can check out the Orlando based band’s music on Facebook and Reverbnation. They have a couple of upcoming shows for fans to experience their music live, February 22 at The Haven and February 28 at Orlando Brewing.

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