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'Rizzoli & Isles' 'Too Good to Be True' recap: You can't always be independent

'Rizzoli & Isles' season 5 episode 3 "Too Good to Be True"
'Rizzoli & Isles' season 5 episode 3 "Too Good to Be True"
TNT, via Twitter

The Tuesday, July 1 episode of "Rizzoli & Isles, "503, "Too Good to Be True," sees the investigation into murders where the killer uses online ads to find victims. Meanwhile, Jane continues to try to keep her pregnancy secret.

The case in this "Rizzoli & Isles" episode is a pretty interesting one and a perfect example of why you should be very cautious when answering online ads – especially if one of the requirements is that you have absolutely no one in your life to miss you. Then there's the matter of Jane's pregnancy. Fortunately, no one makes that big of a deal out of it past the initial "I know you're pregnant" reveals, and as much as Jane would like to be able to be Miss Independent when it comes to raising her baby, it's nice to see her realize she might not be able to be. Finally, we're very glad to see that they're not moving on so fast from losing Frost. It's only briefly mentioned, with Korsak giving Jane a file of potential replacements, but it's long enough to show that they're not over it. "We can't replace him, Vince," Jane tells him. "He's irreplaceable." As true as that may be, it's something that has to happen and they're not glossing over that.

Ready to get into what happened in "Too Good to Be True"? Keep reading for the recap.

The internet can be a dangerous place: It all begins when a man is found dead, shot twice, in the park, his wallet gone and the murder weapon left behind, and a fresh grave nearby. As they learn, that rifle is just one of the guns used by the killer, and he left it behind because it jammed. The victim, Carl, is all "dressed for success," and after he asked around at a soup kitchen, Frankie finds out he landed a new job. When they get a hit on the rifle, however, it just unlocks another piece of the mystery, because the owner's roommate reveals that John's been missing for a year, after he answered an ad online for a new job. There's no happy ending there; John's body is found in the park in a grave, and the only evidence on it is a long gray hair.

While the hard drive of the laptop John used to answer the ad is fried, they are able to recover a photo of a farm, and that same photo was used in multiple job listings online. With Susie's help, Frankie's able to figure out the farm is located in western Ohio – or at least, it was, years ago – and there are a series of murders in a line from Ohio to Boston. Jane wonders if they're just looking at old-fashioned robbery-homicides, and the killer is liquidating the stuff he steals, an easier way to make money.

Korsak replies to the ad in hopes of luring the killer into a trap, and while he just gets a message that the position was filled, Jane does track down someone who met with the poster. He and "Greg," as the guy introduced himself, hit it off until he found out that his potential employee has a girlfriend. Greg turns out to the be the son of the family who owned the farm, and the waitress at the diner of the interview tells them he was driving a green pick-up truck, the same truck that belonged to one of his victims. When they track down Greg, he shoots at them and Jane pursues him, ending with the two trading shots and Greg dead and Jane fortunately fine.

So much for that secret: Jane goes so far as finding a new OB in order to keep her pregnancy secret, but Maura lets it slip that Angela knows – and learns at the same time that Jane's mother fooled her with her "psychic grandmother" story. After the whole "something to ask me"/"something to tell me" exchange, Angela asks about Casey, but Jane reiterates that they made their decision already and she wants to keep the pregnancy a secret. She doesn't want to be reassigned to desk duty, because she likes being a cop.

Angela doesn't keep the secret for long. First she tells Frankie, then she tells a random man in the café to make a point that she didn't tell a stranger. Then she tells Tommy, who told everyone in his AA meeting. But hey, Tommy can offer some baby advice, including getting a good Swedish dictionary. Not only does Jane have her secret being blabbed everywhere, Maura also lectures her about her choice in "yummy goodness" breakfast (but at least Jane can use that to get her to estimate a time of death on a body). The only person Jane tells herself in this episode is Korsak. "You're family," she explains when she tells him that only Maura and her family know and she's trying to keep it a secret as long as possible.

However, the hard part comes when Casey contacts Jane and wants to talk. Though we don't see that conversation past her saying hello to him, she tells Maura that it went "fine," which means he understands this isn't a reason to get married and they'll figure out his involvement after he processes everything. Now, Jane's scared about having the baby, but her mother's right there to assure her that while it's not easy, it's all worth it. "Fear is normal," Angela tells her. "Keeps us on our toes." For all that Jane says she's going to raise the baby on her own, she admits to Maura that she knows she can't. She has to let her help her with the baby, and fortunately for Jane, Maura and her family will happily be her "village."

"Rizzoli & Isles" season 5 airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on TNT. What did you think of episode 3 "Too Good to Be True"?

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