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'Rizzoli & Isles' season 5 premiere: Watch Lee Thompson Young's final farewell

Angie Harmon plays a lead character on Rizzoli & Isles
Photo by Bryan Bedder

Lee Thompson Young was a big part of the “Rizzoli & Isles” franchise and his death has created a big hole for the cast and viewers alike. While the acknowledgement of his passing happened last season, at the beginning of the “Rizzoli & Isles” season premiere there will be sad news for the characters to face. According to TV Guide on Monday, the cast will hear news that their colleague, Barry Frost, has been in a tragedy.

Looking to balance respect and offer an end to a character that seemed to fit flawlessly into the show was a challenge for the writers, but it appears that the outcome is going to be well received by the viewers. The Lee Thompson Young farewell will play out over the first two episodes of Season 5 and this helps the reality of the situation get set up properly. Jane (played by Angie Harmon) and Maura (played by Sasha Alexander) will learn of Frost's death in a car accident towards the end of the premiere. Next week’s episode will focus on the grieving squad and then the memorial service.

Fans have been at a loss over Lee Thompson Young’s death in real life. The actor seemed to be happy and he didn’t appear to have any issues that were public knowledge. The star committed suicide at age 29 and surprised the fans of “Rizzoli & Isles” as well as the Hollywood.

While the change to honor the work of the talented actor will play out on the television show, the cast definitely has to be missing their friend too. The situation is very sad and having to put emotions aside to film a show had to be extremely difficult.

“Rizzoli & Isles” season premiere airs on Tuesday night at 9 p.m. on TNT. The tribute to Lee Thompson Young will be the story arc on June 17 and June 24, 2014.

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