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'Rizzoli & Isles' 'Doomsday' recap: Planning for the future

'Rizzoli & Isles' season 5 episode 4 "Doomsday"
'Rizzoli & Isles' season 5 episode 4 "Doomsday"
Eddy Chen, used with permission

The Tuesday, July 8 episode of "Rizzoli & Isles," episode 504, "Doomsday," is all about planning for the future, the "what if" scenario. The victim has a doomsday fallout shelter, Korsak's considering his career options, Frankie is taking steps for his career and even Jane takes time to think about her baby's future.

This "Rizzoli & Isles" case, unfortunately, isn't one of those you're going to remember (or want to remember). Always look to the person who finds the body and is first on scene, especially when there's something missing between a video of a victim's death and the crime scene photos, and here, that's no different. The victim's supposed friend is busy getting rich with the person who built their shelters, and he isn't above risking his friend's life to get his hands on his gold – or killing his partner and setting it up to look like he's solely responsible to get them to look the other way.

Because this investigation is easily solved from the moment the team shows up at the crime scene, instead, it's easier to focus on the Scooby Doo references and Frankie's strange obsession with defending survivalists and giving the others Survivalists 101 lectures until he finds a kindred spirit in Susie. It all ends with Frankie giving Jane and Korsak customized safety bags, with freeze-dried ice cream in Jane's and alcohol in Korsak's. (Are those really the best personalized essential items to include in a "what if the worst case scenario happens" bag? Maybe not, but it's not like either of them are really worried about needing those bags.)

However, the case's theme does tie into what's going on in the personal lives' of all the characters. For Korsak, it's planning for his professional future. Jane begins to worry that he could be retiring when she finds a retirement packet on his desk, and that leads to the two too focused on their arguing at the victim's house until the shelter suddenly explodes. That dangerous situation is just what they need to apologize and actually talk about why Korsak has retirement on his mind. His life coach (yes, she's still around) suggested he fill out the papers to help him figure out what he wants, and while he's still considering taking the lieutenant exam, he's not sure yet what that is. He's considering his options, which is the smartest thing he can do. While we can't imagine Korsak actually retiring, it's good to see they're not just pushing him in one direction automatically without even considering another possibility.

Meanwhile, Angela turns to Jane to find out what's going on with Frankie since he won't answer her calls at night and doesn't tell her what he's doing (he's taking computer engineering courses since he knows his chances of being a detective in homicide are slim), and while Angela can be nosy at times, we love how upset she gets when she finds out Jane was at the scene of the explosion. Her suggestion of taking a leave of absence is a bit ridiculous, but she has a point: Jane's job is dangerous, and she's putting herself and her baby in danger by keeping her pregnancy a secret. That can't go on forever, and she's already been in a couple of dangerous situations.

Finally, Maura thinks Jane should be planning for her baby's future already, and specifically, thinking about her baby's college fund. (Maura even uses Jane going into labor and traffic being gridlocked to try to justify her impulse buy of a motorcycle with a sidecar.) However, while Jane may not be ready to think about her child going to college, by the end of the episode, she is ready to think about her child's future if something happens to her – and she wants Maura to take care of him or her. Maura would be honored. (Did anyone really expect anything different?)

"Rizzoli & Isles" season 5 airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on TNT. What did you think of episode 4 "Doomsday"?

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