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'Rizzoli & Isles' 'A New Day' recap: A mother's love and a tragic ending

'Rizzoli & Isles' season 5 premiere "A New Day"
'Rizzoli & Isles' season 5 premiere "A New Day"
Eric McCandless, used with permission

The Tuesday, June 17 season 5 premiere of "Rizzoli & Isles," "A New Day," features the investigation of a murder and a missing baby. Plus, Angela tries to uncover Jane's secret, Jane deals with feelings about her impending motherhood and just as everyone's in a good mood, tragedy strikes.

"Rizzoli & Isles" returns with quite the daunting task: saying goodbye to Lee Thompson Young and his character, Detective Barry Frost. The show handles this in a way that not only meets, but also exceeds, expectations. It doesn't shy away from meeting it head on, and instead of fading to black after Korsak delivers the tragic news, we see what happens next, something that might not happen on other shows. Overall, it's done in the right way.

As for the case, sure, maybe it's a bit too coincidental to have a case involving a baby when Jane has just found out she's pregnant and is dealing with how she feels about that, but other than that, it's not bad. Yes, they've had better cases, but perhaps it's better to kick off a season with a "normal" case rather than something big – especially with everything else happening in their lives (Jane's pregnancy and Frost).

Ready to get into what happened in "A New Day"? Keep reading for the recap.

The right caretaker for a baby Susan is found viciously stabbed, but that's not all, as Jane finds a stroller. She was jogging with her baby, Brian, and he is missing, a sign that he's at least likely still alive. As soon as it's revealed that she and her ex, Ray, had a messy divorce, he seems to be the number one suspect, but his and his girlfriend Caitlin's alibi checks out: photos of his car and their cell phones pinging on the way to see his mother in a nursing home.

The finger is then pointed in the direction of the pedophiles in the neighborhood, and one in particular stands out: David, who takes photos of kids for videos for their parents and lives across from the park, in direct violation of his parole. This guy is a piece of work – "I've done all of his children," he says of the client he was with the night the victim was killed, a chilling line that has Korsak reacting – but he also ends up being the key to solving the case when he reveals that Susan wasn't the baby's mother who asked for a video. Caitlin presented herself as his mother. Still, they do at least arrest David for violating his parole.

After that, all the pieces come together. Susan's sister had been trying to get full custody, and Ray knew. Ray took Caitlin's phone with him so it would ping, while she killed Susan in the park, and they put Brian somewhere he would be safe. Or at least they thought they did. Jane breaks Ray easily enough, turning the temperature down in the conference room and reminding him it would be dark soon and cold out. They left Brian near St. Anne's, but when Jane and Korsak get there, they learn that a homeless woman stole milk from the church and ask around until they're pointed in the right direction. All the woman wanted to do was take care of Brian, and it's a sign of how would a person would be to not want her near their kid but to think Ray and Caitlin would be good parents.

Jane's secret When we first see Jane, she's seemingly in the middle of a case, gun out, investigating a creepy place that could only be something out of a nightmare, and she's scared as she makes her way into a room, which turns out to be a nursery. Inside is Jane, holding a baby. Yes, it's a dream, one that can be chalked up to her nerves. On top of that, Jane has to deal with her pregnancy nerves ("I mean, nuclear war is worst, but it's close. It's terrifying, Maura!" Jane says of becoming like her mother) without caffeine, and as for telling Casey, well, "not today" is her only response.

While Jane's dealing with her hormones and everything that comes along with being pregnant (including turning into Frost, as she puts it, in the morgue), Angela's taking notes and clearly testing her theory before turning to Maura for answers in a way that's not directly asking but all but confirms what she's thinking. Angela promises to keep it a secret, but that doesn't stop her from hugging her daughter randomly by her desk.

Oh, he's got a new girl Everyone comments on Korsak's suit at the crime scene, but he denies that there's a new woman in his life ("Can't a man upgrade his look without a woman being involved?"). However, he eventually reveals to Frankie that yes, there is a new woman in his life: Kiki, his life coach. He's even studying to be a lieutenant.

Like kissing family Meanwhile, Maura and Frankie revert back to teenagers who don't know how to react around each other, and it's so awkward that Jane comments on it more than once, even remarking, "You are aware that you've met before?" at the crime scene. Later, they do finally talk about it like adults, agreeing it can never happen again and that their feelings are more sibling than romantic. "You are like a brother to me," Maura replies when he says she's like a sister to him. "With really soft lips." "Not as soft as yours," he tells her in return, an exchange that is very weird considering how the conversation begins.

One moment changes everything It's not really a surprise when Maura calls Korsak to tell him that Frost was in a car accident because the episode sets it up earlier, when an officer stops by to get the Detective to help him with a computer database project and they tell him that Frost is driving back that day. However, as we mentioned above, it is a bit of a surprise that the episode didn't end with that phone call and instead shows the others meeting Maura at the crime scene.

"Rizzoli & Isles" season 5 airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on TNT. What did you think of the premiere "A New Day"?

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