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Riviera Beach police officer shoots man's dog multiple times

Buddy (not the dog shown in the photo) is expected to lose his leg after having been shot multiple times. If you would like to help Buddy, please use the link provided.
Paws 2 Help Veterinary Clinic Facebook page

A man's 14-month-old dog is fighting for his life at the Paws 2 Help Veterinary Clinic in West Palm Beach after being shot multiple times by Riviera Beach, Fla. police officers on Saturday night reported Channel 25

The officers were responding to the owner's request for help concerning a mentally unstable relative. When the owner opened the door upon the police officers' arrival, the dog ran out. The officers interpreted the dog as an aggressive charge and shot the dog multiple times.

The owner told the police his pit bull named Buddy is not aggressive at all, and ran out the door to greet the officers.

Buddy was immediately transported to Paws 2 Help Clinic where he is currently being treated. He is expected to lose his leg.

Paws 2 Help is a privately run non-profit animal clinic. Buddy's owner does not have the money to pay for his dog's medical care.

It is not known if the owner will file a complaint against the officers.

Both Nevada and Colorado have introduced legislation to require police officers take dog training courses to understand dog behavior. Dogs bark when they are happy, sad, and angry. Dogs guard their homes because that is what they do, but it always doesn't mean they are aggressive and are going to attack.

Of course, dog owners also have the responsibility of making sure their dogs are safe, and when expecting police officers, dogs should be safely secured by a leash or preferably in another room.

If you would like to help Buddy, please click here to donate. You can also send a check to 2061 Indian Road. West Palm Beach, Florida 33409.

Get well soon Buddy.

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