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Rivet & Sway: How do I look?

Six Shooter frames, my fave!
Stacy Gardner

If there is one thing that really makes me stand out it’s my choice of eyewear. I love wearing colorful frames and I’m always on the hunt for a bold pair. When I attended Lucky FABB in April, I got introduced to Emily Bratkovich, Senior Manager of Social Media Marketing for Rivet & Sway. I never heard of this eyewear brand, but I was already intrigued by the name!

Rivet & Sway is the only online boutique experience exclusively for women. Carrying a wide collection of frames in different styles, colors and shapes, there is something for everyone. Each frame is $169, which is pretty reasonable for a sharp set of frames. I checked out the website and saw several that I wanted to try out. Now being online you never know what a frame really looks like until you have it in hand. Thanks to Rivet & Sway’s smart thinking, they allow you to try 5 pairs at home free of charge!! Who does that? Now that’s what I call fantastic customer service.

Click here to see the following pairs I selected to try out at home. As you can see I chose frames with a color pop, but threw in a black pair for kicks. When the package arrived at my house, I was very impressed with the packaging - I felt like I was getting boxes of perfume. Very classy! So, after trying on all the pairs, most felt too small for my face and didn’t suit me. I won’t bore you with those pictures, but I will show you my favorite look, which was the Six Shooter in St. Tropez.

The turquoise blue color sold me immediately as it reminds me of a Vogue pair I had that broke a few years ago (sad face). I would love to wear these frames, but unfortunately metal eyewear doesn’t work well with my prescription. I can’t wait for the day wear lenses can be made one universal size but have the prescription you need. When that day comes, then I can buy all the types of frames I want!

Definitely check out Rivet & Sway if you want chic, classy eyewear. You’ll see what I mean!

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