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Riverside police officer helps to reunite pug puppy with owner and sick child

Dog napping caper foiled by a compassionate police officer and a diligent owner.
Dog napping caper foiled by a compassionate police officer and a diligent owner.
Riverside Police Department

An adorable little pug puppy named "Mu Shu" will be on her way to Philadelphia from Southern California to become the canine pal for a terminally ill eight-year-old little girl named Tiffany who is fighting leukemia reports Wednesday's news story on

When kind hearted Shawna Hamon, a dog rescue volunteer, heard about the little girl's wish, she decided to give the child one of her three pug puppies. The puppy was to be a gift for Christmas. Unfortunately, the person who Hamon trusted to deliver the puppy to the child never did as she promised, and refused to give the pooch back to Hamon.

That all happened in November, and for the last six weeks, Hamon has had to hire an attorney and work through the Riverside Police Department to find "Mu Shu."

Thanks to the diligent work of Riverside Police Officer Anthony Watkins, a search warrant, and some good detective work, "Mu Shu" was found in a Hollywood apartment where the woman who promised to deliver the puppy to Tiffany had been hiding the dog.

Hamon praised Officer Watkins stating, "“It was just a blessing. I’m so blessed that they went and above beyond to make this little girl’s dream come true,”

Hamon and her pug were reunited Tuesday.

Now young Tiffany will indeed be joined together with her four-month-old pooch as Hamon promised, except this time, Hamon will be flying to Philadelphia herself, where Tiffany is undergoing an experimental treatment. Adorable little "Mu Shu" will be in Hamon's arms through the entire journey.

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