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Riverside family with disabilities hoping for return of lost Labrador retrievers

Riverside family with disabilities hoping for return of lost Labrador retrievers-slide0
Help Bring Vanilla and Honey Home FB

A Riverside, California family has reached out to the public for help finding their two yellow Labrador retrievers who have been missing since June 28. In an interview with, John Hencker, the senior member of the family, explained through an interpreter, that eight members of their family are deaf and depend on the dogs for daily help.

Sibling sister Labrador retrievers have been missing since June 28 from a Riverside family.
Help Bring Vanilla and Honey Home FB

A $1,000 reward has been offered for the dogs' safe return - no questions asked.

Within 30 minutes of the dogs' escape from their Alderidge Court home, the family had been out looking for them, but the dogs seemed to have disappeared according to a Facebook page Help Bring Vanilla and Honey Home. The dogs are one-and-a-half years old, sisters, have microchips and are spayed.

In the past, Vanilla and Honey warned the family about a fire near their home. The dogs are not service dogs, but bring a lot of help to the family. According to John:

“We knew something was going on because of how the dogs were reacting, because of their behavior outside, but we didn’t know what it was. We walked out and realized, Oh, there’s a fire out there. So, they alert us."

The loss of the bonded pair has become a nightmare for the family who have been consistent with following up on all leads and notifying all local shelters and rescues.

"We posted flyers right away, contacted the Humane Society, put an ad in CraigsList, Facebook and HomeAgain. Along with this we also visited numerous animal shelters and spent many miles and hours driving through the local neighborhoods," stated a recent post on their Facebook page."

The family even uses their SUV as an advertisement for their lost dogs.

TEXT: 951 543-6116 or Email: with any information.

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