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China river red mystery: River turns blood-red, emits odor in eerie event

River turns blood red in China. It went from pristine clear water to deep red in a matter of minutes say locals.
River turns blood red in China. It went from pristine clear water to deep red in a matter of minutes say locals.
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The mystery of the water turning blood-red in a matter of minutes in one of the cleanest rivers in China is no closer to being solved today. Baffled residents, who boast about the cleanliness of this river, are shocked and disturbed that the river is full of deep-red water and it has a funky smell, according to NBC News on July 26.

The river that runs through Xinmeizhou village usually offers clear, clean water that you can even drink, according to the locals. Fish that are caught from this river are used for making meals, this is how clean the water is usually, but not now.

Something very strange and eerie has happened to the water to turn it that blood-red color. There are no factories along the river, so it’s not as if a factory let some chemical go and that’s what is mucking up the works.

When you fill a clear plastic water bottle with the water, it is deep-red and it gives off an odor that wasn’t present in the river before. According to the villagers, they have no idea what has happened to change their river in just "minutes."

While it only took a few minutes for the water in the river to turn darker, it was in the space of an hour that the crystal clear water turned into the deep blood-red hue. In only an hour’s time the river changed drastically, so what could do this?

According to ABC News, scientists don’t think it is something naturally occurring that changed the river. One of the villagers said they awoke at 5 a.m. and the river was fine. Then “suddenly in the space of a few minutes the water started turning darker and eventually was completely red.”

The eastern China waterway turned crimson in the early hours of Thursday morning. The Wenzhou Environmental Protection Bureau believe this is the result of some type of illegal dumping in the river, but what it is, they do not know as of yet.

The environmental experts who came to the village to test the water have a theory of how the water got so dark and red in a matter of no time. They’ve taken samples and their preliminary thoughts is that this is a red dye.

As you can see from the picture above, the red water is really red. You don't just get a glimmer of the color in the sunlight, it is full-blown red!

While there are no factories on the river, they believe that a factory may have trucked the dye in and dumped it. There is a problem with that theory, which is there are no dye factories in the region.

One of the experts believes that someone drove the pollutant to the riverbank upstream and dumped it. They were headed in that direction to see if there are any clues as to a point of entry into the river.

For now the once pristine clean water used for fishing and drinking is not looking that safe, but as soon as experts get to the bottom of this phenomenon, they may have an idea how to clean it up!

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