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River survivor pup sits by deceased mom dead in garbage bag

Puppy and Mom dog thrown out like trash in trash bag. Mom dead.
D. Eubanks

McIntosh Bluff Landing, Tombigbee River, Washington County Alabama:

Dianne Eubanks of Washington County Alabama took a break from work and caring for her rescued dogs and cats to join her husband for a boat ride on the Tombigbee River. Instead of a relaxing day, the couple was faced with a tragic scene of animal cruelty.

"Just as we had put the boat in the water, my eye caught the sight of a scared little puppy sitting by a soaked black garbage bag on the bank of the river. It was one of the saddest sights I've seen."

"The poor mama dog's body could be seen sticking out of the bag," said Eubanks.

The mama dog was dead. Eubanks says that she thinks the pup managed to escape the bag, but wouldn't leave his dead mother.

"Its unthinkable - to imagine another human being who could commit such an obscene act of cruelty," said Eubanks.

The couple didn't hesitate to scoop up the pup and take him to a local veterinarian to be checked out. The pup, now named "Rivers", is being cared for by the Eubanks, and thriving.

"We will make sure this puppy has the love and care he deserves. We grieve for the mama dog, who must have suffered greatly, either drowned in the bag, or suffocated. Thank goodness, this little one fought to escape the death trap and survived."

The crime was reported to local law enforcement authorities, but Eubanks and other citizens doubt that the perpetrator of this crime will be caught.

"Abandonment of animals in this county is so rampant, it's virtually impossible to drive down the road or simply go fishing without encountering an animal in distress," according to Eubanks.

Note: Washington County Alabama provides no county animal pound or shelter. If you have any information regarding this cruel act please contact Washington County law enforcement.

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