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River levels rise by court order

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Water Resources
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  • Jeff McWilliams 5 years ago

    Any idea why they do this? Is there some advantage to having lower lake levels between October and May?

  • Profile picture of Willi Gutmann
    Willi Gutmann 5 years ago

    Basically people living on the lakes want low water for ease of dismantling floating docks, reduce issues with wind blown ice, erosion from spring storms, removal of irrigation pumps for landscaping usage, etc. Much of it applies to ease set-up of it all again in the spring time as well.

  • Gary Carlson, 4 years ago

    Also in Genesee County, Fenton Township; on the Shiawassee River, the chain of lakes (Ponemah, Squaw & Tupper) have the same Court Ordered seasonal water level flucuations. The 3 lakes water high level [summer normal] is 870 feet above sea level, and the mean level [winter normal] is 869 feet above sea level. These legal levels are Established as/per Genesee County Circuit Court Order NO. 986 of Sept 10, 1963. These levels are maintained by the Linden Millpond dam operated by the Genesee County Drain Commission. The reason for the 1 foot draw-down of the lakes water level in the fall is to is to minimize ice damage to seawalls, and to minimize spring flooding from snow & ice melt-off and from spring rains. Contact the Genesee County Drain Commission for further information.

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