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River Legacy Parks has new playground

Long view of the new playground at River Legacy Parks.
Long view of the new playground at River Legacy Parks.
2012 Patricia Cook

River Legacy Parks, the largest park in the City of Arlington’s park system, has a brand-new playground (opened in July 2012), and it’s plenty worthy of the big and beautiful 1,300-acre park it’s found in.

The new playground is located in the same location as the old playground, but this one was designed—and implemented—with the location in mind. A jungle/nature theme means the play equipment itself looks like the trees and nature surrounding it, so it blends in with its environment. In keeping with that theme, just as you’d find in nature, you’ll find recesses, hidey-holes, and (artificial) trees to climb in, around, and through.

In one place, there’s a walkway that will actually take kids through the trees bordering the fenced-in playground. Almost all the playground pieces are in keeping with the nature theme, including the giant empty log for crawling, the toadstools big enough to sit on, the dinosaur, and even the giant bug.

While a majority of the new playground is designed for children aged five to 12, there are a couple places, including the swings, which are suitable for younger children (two to five); they are clearly marked.

The attention to detail in this playground extends to the benches for adults, which overlook the playground: they have animal cut-outs in their backs and are color-coordinated with much of the equipment.

This new playground is so appealing it made this adult (and the man walking his dog when I was there, as well) wish to be a kid again. And if it isn’t possible to turn back the clock on the years, to shrink in size so I could play on it all.

The playground is located near a large pavilion with picnic tables, and a number of tree-shaded picnic tables, making it easy to make a morning or afternoon of it.

River Legacy Parks has always been a great place to visit, and now it’s even more so.

River Legacy Parks is located at 703 N. W. Green Oaks Blvd., and is open from 5 a.m. to p.m.


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