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Ritz prepares riotous comedy

As a follow-up to its successful season opener, Gilbert and Sullivan’s HMS Pinafore, The Ritz Theatre of Haddon Township is is preparing to open its second production of the season, You Can’t Take It With You, by George S. Kauffman and Moss Hart. First produced in 1936, it is still one of the most hilarious madcap comedies ever written.

The play deals with a wildly eccentric New York family whose members, instead of living a normal, humdrum everyday life, do exactly as they please. Grandpa Vanderhof, the patriarch, simply walked out on his job one day and never went back. He doesn’t believe in paying income tax. His daughter, Penny Sycamore, writes plays simply because a typewriter was mistakenly delivered to the house one day. Her husband, Paul, makes fireworks in the basement, aided by Mr. Da Pinna, an iceman who came to stay. The Sycamores’ daughter, Essie, makes candies and dreams of being a ballerina, but her Russian ballet teacher says “she stinks.” Essie’s husband, Ed Carmicheal, plays the xylophone and prints catchy phrases on a printer. The Sycamores have another daughter, Alice, who is actually normal and works in an office.

The crisis comes when Alice announces to the family that she is in love with her company boss’s son, Tony Kirby, who is picking her up for a date tonight. At the same time, the Internal Revenue Service catches up with Grandpa, leading to a case of mistaken identity. When the real Tony arrives, he is a bit startled at first by the antics of the family, but his love for Alice wins out. He suggests that he bring his parents to meet the family. However, he brings them on the wrong night , with disastrous results. How does it all work ourt? Come and see for yourself.

The show runs from February 27 to March 23. For tickets and further information, contact

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