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Ritual of the Returned from 'Journey Into Nyx'

Ritual of the Returned
Wizards of the Coast

Rituaal of the Returned is a curious new uncommon "Magic: The Gathering" card from Wizards of the Coast's upcoming expert expansion set "Journey Into Nyx." Ritual of the Returned isn't your typical reanimation spell. In fact, it doesn't reanimate anything at all. Instead it exiles a creature in your graveyard and creates a token with power and toughness equal to the card exiled.

Ritual of the Returned - 3B
Instant (Uncommon)
Exile target creature card from your graveyard. Put a black Zombie creature token onto the battlefield. Its power is equal to that card's power and its toughness is equal to that card's toughness.
A mask forged to avenge a death forgotten.

As an instant you're able to use Ritual of the Returned during your opponent's turn or in reaction to combat, spells, and abilities. One idea might be to discard Worldspine Wurm to Lotleth troll and create a 15/15 on turn three thanks to mana acceleration from an Elvish Mystic. That's a corner case scenario, however there's plenty of large creatures in the game for you to discard and then exile with Ritual of the Returned.

It's important to note that traditional targets that one would reanimate with Rescue from the Underworld, Whip of Erebos, or Obzedat's Aid such as Shadowborn Demon won't hold their weight with Ritual of the Returned. That's your fresh Zombie creature token won't reap the rewards of any enters the battlefield effects or other abilities that "good" reanimation targets tend to have. You're better off just using huge threats like Bearer of the Heavens.

How will you use Ritual of the Returned?

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