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Ritani was founded in 1999 and is a high-end jewelry brand who modernize the way that people buy diamond engagement rings and jewelry. They are also the leading e-commerce site for diamonds and engagement rings. Ritani has been lauded by Forbes magazine and others.

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1 Sterling Silver Beaded Bracelet ($75.00)

This piece, which we were sent is exquisite, really. The beads are smallish and elegant. It looks beautiful on the wrist. The consistency of the beads is incredible. Looking at it is akin to viewing 23 television sets at the same time as they all have great clarity. The clasp is just big enough for ease of hooking on. It does not take away from the excellence that is the bracelet.

This piece retails for $75.00 and may be purchased using the link to the bracelet (see above). It's just beautiful. The web site images does not do it justice. But, then again, how could it?

On a final note, the bracelet was well packaged. The box is gray and bears the Ritani logo. Once opened, there is a gray bag inside of the box, which bears the Ritani name. The bracelet was gently tucked away inside of the cloth bag.

We are so pleased.

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