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Are your kids being put on drugs to control them in school?
Are your kids being put on drugs to control them in school?

The same far left “progressive” policies that have bankrupted the city of Detroit over the last several decades have also given us the second generation of Americans that will not do as well financially as their parents did, the Millennial generation. It is also clear, as was covered in this previous article, how the Millennial generation has had hope for their future stolen from them, as they see country declining economically and see it as “broken.” As a generation, the Millennials have also been set up for failure, by the sociali(ist) engineering the far left has conducted, using them as lab rats in a sick experiment.

That sick experiment is the diagnosis of millions of children with the made up illness called “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder” (ADHD) that has become an excuse to put children on drugs like Ritalin and others to control them. Kids who couldn't sit still through hours of boring “education” in our state-run schools were labeled as having “ADHD” so they could be put on drugs and more easily controlled. This is basically a “kinder and gentler” chemically-induced behavior modification form of controlling kids instead the old school method of behavior modification as practiced as boot camp “schools” for troubled teens.

The documentary “The War on Kids” covers this new form of chemically-induced behavior modification that was used much more heavily on the Millennial generation, when they were kids in our government-run schools, than any previous generation. Wikipedia describes the movie as follows, “The War on Kids is a 2009 documentary film about the American school system. The film takes a look at public school education in America and concludes that schools are not only failing to educate, but are increasingly authoritarian institutions more akin to prisons that are eroding the foundations of American democracy. Students are robbed of basic freedoms primarily due to irrational fears; they are searched, arbitrarily punished and force-fed dangerous pharmaceutical drugs. The educational mission of the public school system has been reduced from one of learning and preparation for adult citizenship to one of control and containment.”

The results of this truly do show a generation that is itself Broken, as those kids that grew up on Ritalin and other drugs are much more likely to abuse alcohol and illegal drugs as adults. It is no coincidence that the epidemic of abuse of illegal drugs as well as prescription drugs is as bad as it has ever been. The obvious logical consequence of putting kids on drugs is creating so many more adults addicted to drugs. Millions of Broken lives are the consequence of this sick experiment in the social control of our kids in school.

This sick experiment is not a conspiracy and not just something supported by a few. It has major support academically in an in the government bureaucracies, where our universities have graduated tens of thousands of teachers and social workers who have been hoodwinked by the big pharmaceutical companies to think that badly behaving kids just have a Ritalin-deficiency, or a deficiency of some other dangerous psychotropic drug, and just need to be given a bottle of pills and put on Ritalin and other drugs to be compliant good little boys and girls in our government-run schools.

An entire movement of organizations, under a national organization called “National Alliance on Mental Illness” (NAMI) has been created to promote this sick social engineering experment on our kids. NAMI is a front-group for the pharmaceutical companies, with an agenda to put more of our kids on drugs, because it is believed they have a deficiency of drugs that can only be treated by putting them on drugs like Ritalin. The progressive magazine Mother Jones has exposed NAMI as a front group for the drug companies. NAMI was also exposed for the same financial backing by the drug companies in a United States Senate investigation. While the progressives expose them for being tied to the big drug companies, they are exposed here for that reason as well as the fact that putting kids on drugs to control them is part of the larger statist agenda of the progressive left that control our government-run schools.

It is up to the parents of kids in our government-run schools to educate themselves on these issues, and not to believe the social(ist) workers and teachers (who do not have medical backgrounds at all) to putting their kids on these dangerous drugs. Teachers and social(ist) workers are no more qualified to prescribe dangerous and addictive drugs to our kids than Michelle Obama is qualified to make their up their menus and tell them what to eat for lunch while they're in school.

Parents needs to stand up. Stand up for their kids. Stand up for freedom. Stand up against this sick experiment in social engineering that is ruining millions of our future adult citizens before they get a chance to grow up as adults ready to live in a free country. But the far left doesn't want freedom, they want conformity, control, and an authoritarian society.

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