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Risky sex: It’s fun if it’s with people

Risky Sex-It's Fun If It's With People
Risky Sex-It's Fun If It's With Peopleshutterstock

Recently in the news we have seen many bizarre occurrences, yesterday a man was arrested for attempting to have sex with a picnic table as well as a vending machine. What's more? Back in 2011 a man from Florida was arrested for molesting a vending machine. The man from Florida denied the molesting until police showed him video footage of the defenseless vending machine.The first of the year also started out with a bang when a man from New Jersey was charged for crashing and masturbating. Talk about getting caught with your pants down. What does this mean?

There are not many people in this world who have the stomach for risky sex. With the couple of news stories discussed above, it’s quite obvious that people are craving for more spontaneity and passion during sex, even risky sex. However, you could get into some serious troubles if you are caught with your pants down.

In fact, the severity of your punishment can vary according to your situation. You could be disinherited, arrested, fired from your job or barred from an establishment. However, having sex in risky places may be exciting and bold. It may even spice up your sex life and take it to a whole new level.

The best part about having sex in risky places is the sheer excitement and spontaneity associated with it. You can even be as naughty as you want. However, it is important that you and your partner are completely comfortable and understand each other’s signs. Here are the three most risky places to have sex.

A Public Library

There are some couples who enter a public library with no thought of actually reading a book. They may just want to have some sneaky sex in book stacks. In fact, a public library is one of the most risky places to have sex. If you have sex in a public library, you are actually crossing all kinds of limits related to the society’s sexual boundaries.

Most of the libraries are considered to be as sacred as churches. With all the knowledge, thinking and golden silence, there are only a few places more sacred than libraries. Although having sex in a public library would be a lot of fun, you will have to be really sneaky and completely quiet.

Hot Baths & Saunas

Sex in hot baths and saunas has always been popular. In fact, it has been going on since the dawn of saunas. Most of these sexual episodes result in high adrenaline levels, lots of sweat, fainting episodes and tremendous amount of thrill and erotica. Lack of oxygen in a sauna is the most obvious reason why people enjoy sex in there. It creates heightened excitement and sensitivity. In fact, your blood flow also increases because of the heat. As a result, sex is taken to a whole new level. Your feelings reach new extremities.

Slippery body parts are always more erotic and extra sexy. They usually result in extra spicy sex. Needless to say, most people don’t have a sauna at home. Thus, they have sauna sex in a health spa or gym. In such places, anyone can walk-in at anytime. This increases the tension and makes it more fun.

An Isolated Alley

Whether you will enjoy sex in an alley or it will lead to serious consequences depends on your choice of the alley. You should always choose a fairly clean alley. Needless to say, don’t get arrested. It is important to wear your running shoes, as you never know when the chance might come your way.

These were only three of the most risky places to have sex. There are many more to make your sex life more thrilling, exciting and fun. With a bit of risk and sense of adventure, sex in risky places can turn a boring day into a completely memorable moment. Moreover, risky sex always improves your bond with your partner. Did you know that swingers relationship bonds are stronger?

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