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Risky Love

Types of Love
Types of Love

Risky love can attract some people who like to have fun without any attention to their responsibly. Their daily activities are centered on entertainment, and they may also use emotionally-numbing substances for their pleasure. At a certain point, they become just occupied by their desires and pleasures.

In fact, if a person loves something risky such as an addictive drug, alcohol, sexual relationship, work, food, cigarettes, gambling, Play Station, T.V., or internet; he or she tries hard to get it and feels unhappy without it. He or she will seek it, enters its space and forgets him or herself in abusing this substance until she or he becomes a servant of it.

On the other hand, if the person wakes up from his or her illusion, he or she will find that the God Allah is near from him or her. This illusion may be a test from Allah, and if the person concentrates and focuses on his original purpose, he or she will pass it.

Some parents spoil their children resulting in their children becoming dependent and selfish at the same time. They become hypersensitive to social interactions, and they may develop a Narcissistic Personality Disorder. The child then grows with a feeling of grandiosity that he or she is better than others and this may result in lack of empathy and a prejudiced behavior against others. Many children have education problems because their parents do not want to direct them to study to avoid being in a bad mood. So, they leave their kids waste their time in playing and entertainment without guidance.

Additionally, if the person asks the God Allah, he or she will find Allah near from him or her. Allah accepts people’s repentance if they have good faith and they commit that they will not repeat their sins. Every time people with good faith think about the Day of Judgment, they find their tears descend unintentionally and they become closer to the righteous. Even if throughout their life they were magically attracted to something else, they will wake up to find their faith stronger and deeper. ,