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Risking a life to save a life

Firefighter Risks Life to Save Dog
Firefighter Risks Life to Save Dog
Mark Garfinkel

When you think of the hazards frozen bodies of water can present with below freezing temps, it’s hard to imagine immersing yourself into the cold icy mess. For one firefighter in Boston, it’s just another day on the job. Whether it is a human or a dog, it doesn’t matter to Boston firefighter Sean Coyle. A life is a life, and he is trained to save lives. Coyle risked his life to save Sylvie, a 13 year old husky who fell through the ice while out walking with her owner.

Coyle stated, “We look at the pets like citizens,” he said. “They’re loved by their owners and we want to make sure, whether it’s in a burning building or a freezing lake, we just want to get them out safe.”

Boston Firefighter Risks Life to Save Husky From Death will warm your soul from the inside to the outside. This is a heartwarming story sure to melt your heart. Focusing our attention on positive energy is the healthy way to feed the soul. Sharing this story reported by Life with Dogs, a World Leader in Dog News and Entertainment is important to honor the firefighters that risk their lives every day.

Living in Florida, the sunshine state, we tend to forget the dangers that lurk in the north. The recent hard freeze Jacksonville experienced was a taste of the bitter cold felt by those in New England. When we were bundling up for the frosty air, our northern friends were bracing frozen waters and wet, icy snow. It sure does make us appreciate where we live and be grateful for those that will risk their life for a furry companion. Thank you to the rescue workers who place their lives on the line every day to save a life, 2-legged or 4-legged. Your actions don’t go unmissed, and we are thankful for your service.

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