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Risk Factors For Women Pregnant Over 35

Over 35 & Pregnant
Over 35 & Pregnant

Having a baby can be very challenging to any woman; however the risks are higher the older you become. The biggest road-block that a woman over 35 faces when getting pregnant is "Getting Pregnant."

Although many women in the U.S. are waiting until they're older to have kids, let's not forget about the risk factors and the precautions you should take when making that decision. Also, don't forget to read the testimony of a 40-year-old woman who's pregnant and single.

Risk Factor 1: Miscarriage--The rate for a miscarriage is significantly high in women over the age 35 and ectopic pregnancy increases with age.

Risk Factor 2: Down-syndrome--Having a baby with "Down Syndrome" among women in their 40's is about 1 in 100 opposed to when you're 25 which are about 1 in 1,250. But! There's 'Genetic Counselors' on staff to assist you.

Genetic Counselors explain all the risk factors and usually ask whether or not you'd like blood work or amniocentesis to test for chromosomal problems or birth defects. This is very important if you're over 35 and pregnant.

Risk Factor 3: Premature--Chances of having a low birth rate baby, going into labor prematurely, or having a cesarean section is very high in pregnant women over 35.

Risk Factor 4: High Blood Pressure/Diabetes--Chances of developing High Blood Pressure or Diabetes is very high in pregnant women over 35, if you don't already have any of the mentioned ailments.

Risk factor 5: Death--Chances of giving birth to a still born child and maternal death are very high. However, the rate has dropped significantly in the U.S. thanks to research and studies.

These are just some risk factors for pregnant women over 35. Please consult with your physician should you have questions about being pregnant over the age of 35.

Testimony from Jane Doe: "I am a 40-year-old pregnant woman. The father of my unborn child left when I was 5 months. My love for a child means so much to me that no matter what obstacles you face in life, you stick it out especially during a time as important as being pregnant.

Before I found out that I was pregnant I was tired, sleepy, stressed and beyond depressed, but didn't realize the dangers I was putting my baby in. I thought my world was ending when my baby's father left, but it was just the beginning.

I cried for about a week straight and asked God why is this happening to me. After a few weeks people started entering my life giving me a peace of mind. After speaking with doctors and staff one by one all of them in privacy came up to me saying that they will pray for me and my unborn child.

I was referred to genetic counseling who really explains the risk factors of being pregnant at my age. Social workers also played a part in making sure that I have the proper resources and help for my child.

Being pregnant at 40 I felt no different than when I was 20. However, there's a big difference because I'm older now and unfortunately the risks are a bit higher. It scares you a bit to know the risks, but it's better to know than not to and as long as you attend your doctor's appointments your risks decreases and is monitored.

The way I see life being pregnant and single, I have peace of mind. God has relieved a lot of stress even though he had to take some things away from me. I talk to my baby as a mother and father and let him know that he's loved by me and so many.

I have joyous thoughts of kissing him, holding him, and sharing the beautiful life that God has chosen me to oversee. I believe in my heart that anyone over the age of 35 should take pregnancy seriously and make sure the needs are met for you and your baby. As for my baby, an Instagram will launch on May 4, 2014 under the name "terceschild."

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