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'Rising Star:' The top five have earned their spot

Lucacris mentor on Rising Star
Lucacris mentor on Rising Star
Photo by Moses Robinson

Last night on “Rising Star” the top eight performers vied for votes and thus earning a spot in the top five. And the singers gave their all, however, song choices were the undoing for those eliminated.

First up was Joshua Peavy with “American Woman” and he was outstanding, great vocals and a stage presence to spare; Dana Williams followed with “Human” and she sounded pitchy at times, almost missing the high notes; April Lockhart sang “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” a song far from suitable at such competition and the arrangement did not do her vocals any justice; Maneepat Molloy was next with “Your Song” and she did well, however, not a contender for the ultimate prize. And after four performances Joshua was at the top with 71 percent, Dana with 57 percent, April with 27 percent and Maneepat 46 percent. Audrey Kate Geiger was next with “New York State Of Mind” her voice is different, intense and heartfelt and she received 85 percent. And from that moment on, the hot seat was in play and at the moment April Lockart occupied it and the performers to follow would need to beat the lowest score in order for the wall to rise and the performer in the hot seat would then be eliminated. Austin French was next performing “House Of The Rising Sun” and he was entertaining, his vocals and stage presence placed him in the top five and sent April home. Maneepat was then on the hot seat and Shameia Crawford was next with “Skyscraper her vocals seemed forced at times, perhaps nerves and trying too hard got the best of her, and her score was lower than Maneepat so she took the hot seat, and the final performer was the always awesome Jesse Kinch and he sang “Money (That’s What I Want)” and he was outstanding with an unquestionable stage presence.

The West Coast would get to save one of the bottom three and thus complete the top five, and after all the voting was tallied the top 5 are Jesse, Joshua, Austin, Audrey, and Maneepat. Recaps, episodes, and information on this show is available at

“Rising Star” runs on Sunday at 9 p.m. EDT on ABC.