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'Rising Star:' The interactive auditions continued

Josh Groban host on Rising Star
Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images

The auditions for “Rising Star” continued on Sunday night, the singer needs a minimum of 70 percent of votes in order for the wall to rise and thus move on to the next round. And since the show is live, the total on the East Coast is not the final tally because the West Coast’s results need to be added, that means that those who miss the mark by just a few percentage points at the end of the show on the East, could easily move on after the show airs on the West. “Rising Star” premiered last week and the judges and host alike seem a bit distant, but last night there was a new camaraderie rising from them, something that is of utmost importance in a show as this.

The first singer was Shamela Crawford who despite what the judges said, was not impressive, did not raise the wall, after airing on the West she managed to squeeze in to the next round. April Lockhart made it through, but her vocals were not what are expected in a competition such as this. Austin French was outstanding and received a well-earned standing ovation. Trinity was a trio of girls that need much practicing to hone their craft. Alice J. Lee was fascinating and overall received a 74 percent total that should have been much higher. Rye Davis sang a country theme and was not captivating at all. Sonnet Simmons began slowly, but then her vocals became mesmerizing, outstanding performance. Deedra Ervin was not even close to the minimum required, how she made it that far in the competition with Josh Groban mentoring is baffling. Will Roth has a rocker look with a mellow touch it will be interesting to watch his progress. Egypt Dixon tried rapping, but such is not her calling. Alan Jaymes kicked it out of the park, at first it seemed as though he was not going to make it, but then his vocals took off and so did the wall. Last contestant was Megan Tibbits singing while playing the harp and after the West Coast voted she also squeezed right into the next round with a 70 percent.

Yes, it is fun and rewarding to have a say in who goes through and who does not, “Rising Star” puts viewers right in the action and makes it fun to submit votes, or not and watch that one the viewer is cheering for make it through, but also a singer could be favorite and despite voting yes, the wall does not rise which can be disappointing. No matter what the outcome is for one singer or another, this show is new, fun, and it will be interesting to see what surprises are in store once the auditions are over and the duels begin.

“Rising Star” runs on Sunday at 9 p.m. EDT on ABC.

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