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'Rising Star:' The auditions are over

Brad Paisley coach on Rising Star
Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images

On Sunday night’s episode of “Rising Star” the last of the auditions played out and the duels will then ensue in which the finalists will battle it out against each other.

First up was Dana Williams, who showed great range and received an 84 percent moving her to the next round, then came Unselfish a quartet of likeable guys, but their singing did not measure up and only received 48 percent, then it was Cliff Cody, with passion and the support of his family, however, his vocals were not up to par and only received 44 percent, up next was Audrey Kate Geiger whose range got better as she sang and received 84 percent, next a duo named OhMG, and they fell flat to say the least and received a 35 percent, Gabrielle Nicole was next who was made as young child to sing in a choir, but eventually music became her one desire to succeed at and received an 89 percent. The next performer was Karen Hornsby who had a heart-breaking story about her daughter being diagnosed with a brain tumor, her singing was not remarkable and by the judges own admission they voted for her because of her story and the audience’s overwhelming reaction, TX3 was next, triplets who had sang shirtless in the streets of Los Angeles in order to make ends meet, they only received 25 percent and were embarrassed by Kei$ha’s suggesting that they should take their shirts off, and the final contestant was Morgan Higgins who received a 77 percent, good vocals and a stage presence that she needs to work on, if she expects to move up in this competition.

The duels will begin next Sunday and those battling each other have been chosen and they will be Jesse Kench against Will Roth and whichever goes home will be a terrible loss, Sarah Darling will duel Megan Tibbits and two powerhouse vocalists Lisa Punch against Alice J. Lee. The voting can be done live just need to upload the “Rising Star” app on your iphone; also recaps and information on the show can be watched online at

“Rising Star” runs on Sunday at 9 p.m. EDT on ABC.

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