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'Rising Star:' Season finale and winner is announced

Host Josh Groban and mentors Brad Paisley, Keisha, and Ludacris from Rising Star
Host Josh Groban and mentors Brad Paisley, Keisha, and Ludacris from Rising Star
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Last night was the season finale of “Rising Star” and the winner of this new reality show was pronounced. This was a fascinating show, with a new format that puts viewers right in the action no waiting for judges to pick their favorites, or wait a week to see if a singer moves forward in the competition; no in “Rising Star” the results are there as the singer concludes his or her rendition.

The four finalists were Jesse Kinch, Dana Williams, Audrey Kate Geiger, and Austin French, two singers would compete against each other and the one with the highest percentage would move on and compete with the winning singer from the second battle, and that winner will receive the ultimate prize: a record contract with Capitol Records.

The first battle was between Amanda and Jesse, and although Amanda’s rendition of “At Last” was probably her best performance this season, she only received a 30 percent, and then it was Jesse’s turn and he would need to get better than 30 percent in order for the wall to rise and thus be the winner of this battle, he sang “Fortunate Son” and as always did not disappoint, rocked the house, and received a resounding 83 percent. Then came Austin performing “In Love With A Girl”, his performance was good and received a 70 percent, and up next was Audrey singing “Love Me Like A Man” and her performance as usual left something to be desired and she received a 49 percent.

The final battle was between Jesse and Austin and unlike before the percentage would not be seen by anyone until both had performed and the winner was announced. Austin won the coin toss and chose Jesse to sing first and this sang “Love, Reign, O’er Me” and once again performed with true passion and with that stage presence that rocks the house and had just about everyone on their feet, and then Austin performed “Bless The Broken Road” and he gave it his all and it was a great performance as well.

It was time for results and the percentages were 76 percent to 61 percent and the winner is; Jesse Kinch, and the entire place erupted with joy, he has been on top since the show began, with renditions of songs that left everyone mesmerized and a stage presence that seems as though he has been performing for years; congratulations Jesse and wish him a long and prosperous career, and as far as “Rising Star” is concerned there can only be hope that another season is in the works and once again viewers will have their say in who stays and who goes. Recaps, episodes, and information on this show is available at

“Rising Star” runs on Sunday at 9 p.m. EDT on ABC,

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