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Rising Star is about to premier

ABC's Rising Star premiers is less then ten minutes. This show takes aspiring singers and vocal performers and enters them into a one of a kind judging experience. These other reality shows have viewers vote, but the judges have so much control over the results. On Rising Star, the TV viewers are everything. TV viewers can use an app of their phones or tablets to vote on the performance in real time. Apparently, as you vote you picture will appear on the wall in front of the performing artist/singer. It all sounds great in theory, but what if one of the major phone networks crashes from this? I mean couldn't this be bad? Also, how many times have they had to do a recount on American Idol for messing up the numbers.

Doesn't sound like a good idea when technology could crash at any moment.

Other then that we do not know much about the series. Tune your television on ABC NOW and let's all see together if this new style reality TV show works.

Live television will never be the same.

Quick, be ready, and download the voting app now before it is too late.

We only have moments left. Quick tune in. Maybe it is not too late.

Be sure to check it out tonight... now!

Does this pave the way to bring back former TV shows like Nashville Star? The hope would be that that show would come back. it was one of the best reality vocal performance shows out there. It took real people and brought them to their favorite place, Nashville, to learn, grow, and develop country music. Rising Star is totally different, but might help bring musical reality television back into American living rooms. American Idol is not the same as it once was. It is pretty stupid now compared to when it started. It is no longer an American favorite. Will Rising Star take over that title?

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