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Rising star Amy Rose goes, “Country Crazy,” on radio and in Nashville

I was really looking forward to talking to Amy Rose because I heard her single, “Country Crazy,” and I think it rocks. Amy lives in Canada so we had to do what we call in this profession, “a phoner.” I know it sounds funky but it gets the job done. While I was interviewing Amy, she and her Mom were running some last minute errands in preparation for the music video shoot that was happening over the weekend.

Photos of Amy Rose provided by Amy Rose Management and  Used with permission by Amy Rose Management
Photos of Amy Rose provided by Amy Rose Management and Used with permission by Amy Rose Management
Photos provided by Amy Rose Management and Used with permission by Amy Rose Management
Amy Rose
2014 Amy

By the time my readers are viewing this piece, “Country Crazy,” will be on the air waves. I heard this song and it rocks. I had lots to talk to Amy about, not the least of which is the fact that she is appearing and performing at the CMA Fest in Nashville this year. I asked her some personal questions, things that not many people have had the opportunity to ask her yet. I started off with the big question, do you have any children?

A Yeah three (3).

Q Oh wow.

A Yeah, I have three (3) girls.

Q Do they sing?

A Well funny story, so the two little ones are Olivia and Ella. They started this little group called the Fraser sisters which is funny. I have a video on my Facebook of them. It is hilarious. My oldest daughter Dayna, she is into musical theatre and she has been in dance since she was two and she is almost thirteen. She is really into dancing and singing and I think she thinks she is the next Justin Bieber because she is always posting videos.

Q That’s too sweet. Three (3), I didn’t expect to hear that you have three children. Wow.

A Yeah three girls and I come from a family of three girls. It’s funny how that works out.

Q So it’s now time to follow your dream right?

A Right, oh yeah. I am 100% focused on this music thing.

Q Well it takes a lot of energy.

A A lot of energy, a lot of time, a lot of road like we are always on the road traveling whether it be Nashville or New York or Ontario dates. We are now practicing for summer and our Ontario dates.

Q Yeah I was going to ask, do you have a band?

A I do. I have a band that travels everywhere with me.

Q So it’s not just you buy yourself. Your husband, is he involved in your band?

A My husband isn’t in my band. He couldn’t play an instrument or sing to save his life but my husband does all of my bookings.

Q Oh okay, so he’s your agent?

A Yes, he’s my booking agent.

Q That’s cool. You know he is going to be working hard for you to get you work and he is going to be looking out for your best interests. Does he work a day job too?

A Yes he does.

Q You said that your oldest is thirteen?

A She is thirteen yeah.

Q Does she help with the two younger ones?

A She does. She has her babysitting license and she helps out as much as she can. They really don’t like listening to her a lot. My Mom lives actually like two streets away from me so my Mom comes over and really helps out with the kids because we are working a lot and then when I am not working I am on the road traveling and doing interviews. My Mom is there 2407 basically as my Nanny watching the kids.

Q Do you take the girls on the road with you at all?

A As much as I would love to, we don’t. When I am on the road I literally don’t have time to sit down and eat a meal, let alone spend time with them so definitely somewhere down the line we will take them but not now.

Q So this is your second release to radio?

A This is my fourth release to radio.

Q Do you have an album?

A We are working on an album right now and this will be my third album. I released my first album when I was thirteen and then my second when I was sixteen. Then I took a bit of time off to have a family and now I am back again working on my third album.

Q I am talking to a lot of people who are coming back to music after having babies and raising families. That’s wild.

A Yeah, yeah, you don’t want to have them too late. You want to be able to do things with them and enjoy them right? I figured I would have all my kids by the time I was thirty which I did.

Q For a lot of people if you wait too long sometimes you don’t get any.

A That is the thing, if you don’t do it sooner; it is harder once you get past that thirty mark to conceive right?

Q Absolutely. I am seeing it happen all over the place. Let’s talk about your anti-drunk driving campaign.

A Yes, we are with Bright Star International and we are just trying to basically make the effort to stop people from drinking and driving anyway we can. Drinking and driving can be avoided so easily, call a friend, call a cab, just don’t drink and drive. That is the message we are trying to spread.

With that we wrapped it up as they had lots of shopping to do but make sure that you check out Amy Rose while she is at the CMA Festival in Nashville, Tennessee June 5th through the 8th and check out her website at:

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