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Rising interest in Beer Pong calls for instruction of the game


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With the amount of people going to college it is no surprise that parties and party-games are changing. College campuses around the world are turning the strangest things imaginable into drinking games. There’s “The Boondock Saints” drinking game: players drink every time a character says the F-word (This game is best played if there are designated drinkers for each character). The Family Guy drinking game: players drink every time something random happens on the show – best played when someone owns a season or two of Family Guy. Not to mention the infamous Beer Pong.

There are those among this college generation that have no idea what Beer Pong is or have only heard about it in stories. For those that have never heard of the game, it is the game of choice at most college parties across the country and has even earned itself a World Series final.

The official web site for the World Series of Beer Pong offers detailed rules and breakdowns of how to play the game according to its regulations, however, most college parties don't follow these rules as written. Under the necessary equipment section, WSOBP states that an 8-by- 2 table at 27.5 inches off of the ground is the required size. Most parties have a table that’s shorter in length or the “random piece of plywood” that was “found.” One of the most interesting Pong tables I’ve ever seen actually is a piece of plywood, but the owner painted it to look like the college football field. Many find that the plywood offers easy storage of the “table” when it’s not in use. sells its official table and balls for those aspiring to become official players. Most students will head to the local sports store and pick up a package or two of standard table tennis balls. Even some grocery stores have been catching on and are now selling table tennis balls next to the liquor section of the store.

All original formations of the cups – usually the red or blue SOLO brand to students – seem to be agreed upon by both the WSOBP and college students. Ten cups arranged at each end of the table in a triangle formation pointing at the opposing team. The WSOBP states that only 24 ounces (two cans) of beer be distributed evenly into the front six cups and the back four be filled one-third of the way with water and be reused in every match. This rule doesn’t stick in college. Most players will fill all 10 cups with beer from one-third to one-half full with a cup of water on the side to wash the ball after each shot.

The game is then played with teams of two attempting to shoot the ball into the opposing team’s cups. During most non-official play each team is allowed two shots per turn and if a ball makes it into a cup the opposing team must drink that cup and remove it from the table. WSOBP states that at six and three cups left there must be a reformation into a smaller, neater pyramid. Some college players adhere to this rule – also known as a re-rack – but others prefer more creative methods of rearranging the cups. However, most college players allow only two re-racks (per side) in a game.

To most college-age players winning the game is both players getting the shot into their opponent’s final cup. If both players fail to make the shot, play continues.

Beer Pong is an interesting way to spend the night and many have expanded the rules to make it a bit more friendly for everyone. Most of the time, if someone wishes to play but does not like beer, the other players will oblige and allow them to fill five cups with their drink of choice. For those that opt for something other than beer, Tequila Pong is not a good idea. It doesn’t sound so bad at first while only filling the cups with one shot each, but it will not end well.

 Always drink responsibly and always designate a driver. For more information on the game, the World Series of Beer Pong and the WSOBP's official rules, visit


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